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Prayer update
The end of the shelter is always difficult and emotional, and it is approaching fast.

  • Let's thank God for the encouragement those people who have been helped off the streets and with hope for their future. Please keep praying for those still waiting for hostel accommodation, the housing register.. for patience through this very difficult time of waiting, waiting, waiting.
  • Thank God for the relationships of trust which have developed and for the privilege it is to be trusted in this way. Please pray for those folk who feel worthless and hopeless, and battered by life.
  • Please pray that our wonderful volunteers, including our chaplains, will have the opportunity now to rest and recharge their batteries. Praise God for every one, whatever their role. Thank God for Jayne and all she has achieved as Support Worker. And thank God too for the management committee, in the background but so enormously supportive
  • Please continue to pray for other services involved in homelessness in Tunbridge Wells. So many are under pressure, whilst the need is so great. Thank God for the excellent working relationships we have with TWBC, Colebrook Road, The Bridge Trust, the Police, Street Teams, Soup Bowls, Porchlight and others. Ask God to bless them and pray that these relationships will remain strong and that nothing will interrupt the valuable work which is going on amongst the homeless community in Tunbridge Wells. Please pray that over the next few weeks we will receive more excited texts from our former guests with good news of accommodation being offered.

  • Churches for Tunbridge Wells is a Charity Registered in England and Wales No. 1150026. Registered address: St James Church House, Ferndale, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 3RL.